Falling in love with Jordan

To travel to Jordan is to discover a “young 9,000 year old kingdom”, magical and exotic. Here, many civilizations have left their mark: the Greco-Roman splendor of Jerash, the Byzantine mosaics of Madaba, the Umayyad castles, the crusader fortress of Kerak… A walk through the imposing Sîq Gorge will lead you to the mythical Petra, an ancient Nabatean city carved out of red sandstone. A treasure like a mirage, sumptuous scenery of your stay where the caravans trading incense and myrrh to the Roman Empire and the silk routes to China and India stopped. The history of the world is offered to your meditation during our accompanied tours, self-tours and excursions in this land of the Jordan. So many cultural journeys that invite you to escape from the daily grind.

If the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan fascinates by its history, it also enchants by its natural sites. From the spectacular Kings’ Highway to the Gulf of Aqaba, bathed by the Red Sea, and including the biblical Mount Nebo, the landscapes are of great beauty. The steep canyons of the Mujib Valley, classified as a Biosphere Reserve, and the Dana Nature Reserve are sumptuous settings for trekking and hiking, discovering the hues of the cliffs that blaze under the sun and the flora. Off the beaten track, you may see some foxes, hyenas, lynxes, Arab leopards or Nubian ibexes… Guided by the Bedouins, travel on foot, by 4×4 or on camelback through the desert of Wadi Rum, the filming location of “Alone on Mars”. In this vastness of raw nature, listed as a Unesco heritage site, dunes, djebels, giant stone bridges and ancient petroglyphs follow one another… Relax while floating on the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. An incomparable and unforgettable experience, in the heart of a lunar landscape and heavenly beaches. Finally, during a last stop in Amman, the capital, soak up the oriental scents of the souks and immerse yourself in the art and culture of the East, to the rhythm of the muezzin’s calls.


In Amman, you can make a detour to the remains of the Temple of Hercules, with a thought for the great emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius, before spending a night by the Dead Sea. In the heart of its lunar landscapes, a striking quietude that nothing can disturb. We float, as if in weightlessness. We then take the road to Petra, the splendid. Everything has been said about the majesty of the Nabatean city. But it still dazzles, despite the overexposure: in real life, it is something else. A surprise. The tombs stretch to infinity, the stones are pink, purple, blue. Petra is beautiful from below, from above, from near, from far. A vertigo. To follow, Wadi Rum: dunes, mountains, here and there an incongruous tree, giant stone bridges on which we have fun to climb, a hot tea, dromedaries that sway on the horizon, and the purity of the sky. Before returning, we enjoy once again the benefits of salt water, in Ma’In: a last wonderful bath for two, before returning to reality.

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