It’s Northern Lights season in Tromso

Want to see the Northern Lights this fall or winter? Choose Tromsø in Norway! Tromso is so high up near the Arctic Circle that it is the perfect destination to chase Northern Lights.

Tromsø is a leading destination in Norwegian Lapland. Ideally located beyond the Arctic Circle and on the Norwegian Sea, this city has something to surprise you! Discover the Sami culture, get lost in snowy landscapes, sail along the fjords, and marvel at the appearance of an orca or a whale: this end of the world is full of activities, each more magical than the next. From September to March, the northern lights come to dominate the scene and Tromsø is adorned with a magical atmosphere. The city is then illuminated by these impressive veils of light that will make your stay in Norway an unforgettable experience.


In order to help you live this experience, we have selected the best activities to do to observe the Northern Lights in Tromsø!

Learn how to photograph the Northern Lights around Tromsø

Want to bring back a memorable souvenir from your stay in Tromsø? Go and watch the Northern Lights with a professional photographer!

From Tromsø, you will board a custom-built 4×4. Direction: the surrounding coastal islands. You will then let yourself be carried by the hazards of the night, until you arrive in an open area where you can observe the starry sky and the northern lights.

Your guide will take care of you with a delicious hot meal. And throughout the night, wrapped up in thermal suits, you will learn how to capture this majestic phenomenon on film.

The snowy landscape, the warmth of the campfire… There is no doubt that you will be transported by this unique experience in the heart of the Arctic Circle!

Night ride on a reindeer sled

You like to discover local cultures when you travel? Join the reindeer herders and immerse yourself in the history and traditions of the Sami people for a day.

The walk will start with a stop at the reindeer camp. After getting to know your companions for the day, you will board a sled for an enchanting ride through the snowy forests. Then it will be time to join the herders for a memorable evening in a goahti, their traditional house.

On the program: culinary discovery and stories by the fire. Your hosts will start by making you taste the bidos, a traditional soup cooked on a wood fire. And once you are warmed up, you will be ready to be lulled by the stories and legends they will tell you. The walk will finally end in a lavvu, the traditional Sami tent, where you will be treated to a musical performance of Joik songs. You will certainly appreciate the conviviality of this timeless moment.

If you are lucky, you may even see the Northern Lights dancing overhead.

Watching the Northern Lights in Tromsø by dog sled

To experience the Northern Lights intensely in Tromsø, go dog sledding!

Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, you’ll love taking a husky ride and having the crazy experience of driving your own sled! This local means of transportation will not only allow you to travel through the Norwegian wilderness in a fun way, but will also give you a lot of thrills. After several hours of wandering through forests and quiet plains, it will be time to take refuge in a lavvu and enjoy a warm meal by the fire.

Watch the Northern Lights in Tromsø on a sailboat

Want to get away from the artificial lights to experience the Northern Lights? Take to the sea on a sailboat!

For three hours, you will discover the Arctic fjords from your boat and be overwhelmed by the scenery. Starry skies, snow-covered mountains and northern lights… Impossible to remain indifferent to this spectacle and its reflection on the water!

To make the most of the experience, the crew will provide you with warm tracksuits. And if the wind picks up, you can take refuge in the cabin where snacks and hot drinks will be waiting for you.


Luxury Safari and Traditional Overnight Accommodation

Looking for an all-inclusive and comfortable way to see the Northern Lights from Tromsø? Experience a two-day safari between Skjervoy and the Lyngen Alps!

You will start this adventure off the fjords in a motorboat. Warm in your wetsuit, you will approach orcas and humpback whales. An encounter full of emotion in a dazzling setting!

In the evening, you will go to the Green Gold Villa, a beautiful hotel located in the mountains where a delicious hot meal will await you. When the Northern Lights appear, you will finally take advantage of a photo workshop to learn how to capture them. With stars in your eyes, you will continue to dream from your bed, the roof of your lavvu offering a magnificent view of the night sky.

Sleeping in an ice house

For a complete immersion in the snow and under the Northern Lights, sleep in one of the only hotels in the world made of snow and ice: Camp Tamok!

Welcome to the Kingdom of the Snow Queen, or should we say, Camp Tamok! Unique in the world, the houses are both polar and comfortable. Enough to spend a very unusual night… But that’s not all!

In the evening, you will indeed invite your snowshoes to discover the surroundings. Halfway through the trip, you will set up camp and warm up around the fire, which will lead to a good meal in a warm setting. On the way back, you will join your lodging for an icy night – but not freezing! In order to live this experience to the fullest, you will be provided with appropriate clothing.

Finally, the next morning, you will go on an expedition on a dog sled and you will be invited to a traditional Sami meal in a lavvu.

An experience you won’t forget…


Immersion in the heart of the Sami culture

Want to discover the Sami culture? Go and explore the prodigious nature of the island of Kvaløya.

In addition to a ride on a reindeer-drawn sleigh, you will be guided and pampered by a real Sami. In a lavvu, you will taste a traditional gourmet dish usually served at weddings. Your host will tell you about his culture and legends. At night, you will be drawn outside, where the enchanting spectacle of the northern lights will begin.

When sleep finally calls, you will wrap up comfortably under the reindeer skins.

Take a snowmobile tour

Looking for a thrill? Take a snowmobile ride to see the Northern Lights!

Enjoy the fresh snow dunes and wilderness! For two hours, you will ride along the frozen Finn Lake, through enchanting forests and discover some of the lavvus around Tromsø. All along the road: the unavoidable Northern Lights! You’ll have a great time before ending this experience in a lavvu with a good hot meal.

Whether you are an adventurer or not, these experiences will give you a memorable experience of the Northern Lights in Tromsø! So which one will you choose this winter.

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