Carlisle Bay, Antigua

Carlisle Bay is one of the best hotels in the world. Located in St Marys, Antigua, it has everything anyone could wish for: pristine beach, great pool, sumptuous fresh food, a great and eerie atmosphere, luxurious décor and staff impeccably trained to answer your every needs. What else, the hotel is exclusive and offers the best in terms of relaxation and activities.

Carlisle Bay Antigua

With 82 rooms and suites, Carlisle Bay is exclusive. The rooms are spacious and finely decorated, with balconies and great views over the Caribbean sea or the lush tropical vegetation. The architecture is designed to let the warm air breeze and the furniture mixes design with Caribbean influences. When dinner comes, you have the choice of two restaurants with fresh food prepared to your likings. You can even dine on the pier should you require a very specific moment with your other half.

People come to Carlisle Bay for this good mix of relaxation and activities. You can go diving, sailing, play tennis, even go golfing nearby, go deep sea fishing or simply do nothing on the beach or by the pool. The hotel also has a gym and fitness room as well as a spa should wish to enjoy some treatments and massages.

Neighbor of Guadeloupe, Antigua and Barbuda does not have much in common with it. Here is an island of English culture (cricket in honor!), rather flat, now without sugar cane.

Heavenly beaches, among the most beautiful in the Caribbean, make Antigua and Barbuda a family destination par excellence. White and powdery as snow, its beaches are bathed by milky turquoise waters, whose intensity is hardly believable – like a tropical cocktail.

Carlisle Bay Antigua

On the south coast of Antigua and Barbuda, there is English Harbour, the main British naval base in the West Indies in the 18th century, once under the authority of Admiral Nelson. A nautical base was established there, bathed in a beautiful colonial atmosphere very British. English Harbour is today a reference point for all yachts cruising in the Caribbean waters.

In terms of nature, Antigua and Barbuda is home to the uninhabited islets of the North Sound Marine Park and, above all, the extraordinary sister island of Barbuda. An Eden preserved from mass tourism, populated by 1,500 inhabitants, underlined by reefs and endless beaches, covered with pink sand and crushed shells, as in dreams. North of the large Codrington lagoon, in the mangrove, the frigatebird colony of Man o War Island is the largest in the world outside the Galapagos.

Carlisle Bay is truly one of the best hotels in the world, and definitely one the most beautiful hotels in the Caribbean. The atmosphere is great and the level of service is top of the notch. The beach is fantastic and the food excellent, and all this under the warm sun of the Caribbean. What else would you want more?

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