Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana, Rio

The Fairmont Rio de Janeiro is one of the best hotels of the city, located on Copacabana, offering amazing views to the beach and Sugaloaf Mountain in the distance.

Experience an unforgettable stay at the Fairmont RJ Copacabana, located in one of Rio de Janeiro’s most spectacular locations, Copacabana Beach, under the majestic gaze of the Sugarloaf. Inspired by the glamorous carioca of the 1950s, this luxury hotel is a true oasis. It has 10 room categories with a balcony. Gold rooms come with access to a private lounge and exclusive services. The hotel also has two pools, a spa, sauna, fitness center, restaurant, bars and meeting rooms.

The Fairmont Gold floor houses 375 apartments with 53 suites. They are decorated in blue tones inspired by the Copacabana Sea. All apartments offer opulent comfort and a superb view of Copacabana Beach, Sugarloaf or the city.

Inspired by the aesthetic of the 1950s, the hotel is characterized by a modern take on middle-century glamour. You will find ten room categories with balconies, while the Gold Areas provide use of a private living room and exclusive service. Within your accommodation you will be taken care of to ocean or town views and stylish, local décor.

At Sea Restô, the hotel’s cafe, you can dine on fresh seafood that has been grilled to perfection in a josper charcoal your oven. The Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana also homes two pools, spa, sauna, fitness center, and meeting rooms.

And of course, you will find the beaches. The Fairmont Rio de Janeiro Copacabana is just steps from Ipanema beach and its varied array of beachgoers. A bit further on you’ll reach a four kilometer stretch of sun, sand, and vibrant energy referred to as Copacabana beach. An legendary hotspot in Rio, this beach has been delighting local people and tourists alike for decades.

Located on the beautiful Copacabana Beach, this hotel offers a beautiful view of the ocean. Stay in a comfortable room and enjoy exclusive services and feel the glamour of Rio de Janeiro.

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