Qualia Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Qualia is one of the best hotels in the world. The hotel is situated on the secluded northern-most tip of Hamilton Island surrounded by all the splendor of the Great Barrier Reef. A waterfront resort on the northern tip of Hamilton Island, qualia Great Barrier Reef bares the moniker of Australia’s greatest marine wonder. Guests here enjoy minimal design, for maximum views. The hotel has been design by Australian architect Chris Beckingham, in order to stimulate the senses. The hotel has 61 rooms and suites. Set amongst native Eucalypts, each pavilion has been handcrafted from the finest imported and local timber and stone. To complement the natural surrounds, Dennis Nona’s artworks adorn the walls and Freedman Rembel has furnished the interiors with fabrics and patterns inspired by nature.

Attractions come in the way of food, which you can sample at the main restaurant, on the beach or in the comfort of your own pavilion. The food are done and supervised by head chef Alastair Waddell. Classically trained, Waddell’s cooking is motivated by modern influences including the “multicultural cuisine in Australia and this country’s world class produce including cheeses that rival some of the best in Europe.” He’s passionate about ‘nature cuisine’ and believes in giving the greatest respect to nature in his cooking, always using local produce when possible and recognising the importance of flavour, texture and presentation.

Being on the Great Barrier Reef, most guests go for snorkeling when they feel the urge to start sweating. An,they would be right to do so as the underwater attraction is simply mindblowing. But Qualia offers a lot more as well. Workout in the gym with a personal trainer, take a dip in one of the two serene pools, read a book in the library or explore the tropical Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef at your leisure. And then there is the Spa, a sanctuary where you can relax in blissful reverie.

Qualia is one of the best and one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. The setting is fantastic, the architecture is well thought of, the food is gorgeous and the activities are great. What more to expect from a holiday ? Qualia may be one of those perfect places that you never want to leave.

Unquestionably one of the world’s ecological wonders, the Great Barrier Reef consists of 3,000 different reef systems, 600 tropical islands and some 300 coral reefs. This maze of complex habitats is home to an incredible variety of aquatic plants and animals, from the venerable sea turtle to reef fish, 134 species of sharks and rays, and a multitude of seaweed.

Turquoise waters, kaleidoscopic corals, and abundant flora and fauna make the Great Barrier Reef one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world. The reef has an incredible economic value of €6 billion a year to the Australian economy and generates nearly 69,000 full-time jobs. Industries such as tourism and fishing rely on a healthy reef, but beyond the economic aspect, the Great Barrier Reef is first and foremost a marine sanctuary with ecological, historical and symbolic importance for the entire world.

This is one of the best hotels in the world.